Get to know your neighbors

Stories of homeless we have met.

All of these people are from Ventura County. 

All of them.



From Keely:

I thought this young man was 20, but he's actually in his thirties. He was a foster kid his whole life, and he has been homeless since he aged out of foster care.  He lives in a structured community for the homeless that was developed by the city.

He is very well-spoken, kind, considerate. As a matter of fact, he brought me a ridiculous-sized plate of cheese when I said I was hungry. He looks after people that are vulnerable in his community. My impression of this young man is that he is incredibly smart. I know that with a proper outlet, this kid could do something really great for humanity. When I asked him what would make his life better, he asked me to help him get trained in welding.

His idea to alleviate some suffering for the homeless population is to design shelter domes with areas for people to secure items, wash, cook, and refrigerate food: A type of community center, I think this is amazing, ambitious, and enlightened.  He just needs a little direction and guidance to fly, and I can't wait to see him use his abilities for good.