Thank you's, comments, friends


"Keely I met you yesterday at the UU church. I told you I had lived at Riverhaven. Just wanted to say again what a pleasure it is to now know you. 
Our church has 7 principles we like to follow. The first one is my favorite. “The inherent worth and dignity of every person“. I felt that from you yesterday. I’m just in awe. Thank you for what you’re doing to make everyone feel special. From the looks on the board’s faces yesterday you’re vision made an impact. That’s what we do. So anyways, hugs to you and a hello to Bob and thank you for all he’s doing. "

I will check more into your website (which
I love already) and will stay in touch. Hope to see you soon. 

Warm smiles and blessings 


"That was so great about the showers and people taking advantage of this huge luxury that we take so much for granted!  So many thanks to Keely and her family and volunteers for making this happen. "


"Went to do my normal Friday make sure everyone is out/empty trashes  safe sleep check this am and there were cars there. Wait is there a party going on?   Then there is people and a mobil shower as I round the turn. Wow and Hallelujah. There were volunteers and then safe sleepers emerging from doorways with wet hair and happy faces. One woman said how wonderful it felt to be clean. A Volunteer asked her if there is anything she needs and she said it would be helpful to have a shower chair in there since she has disabilities. Well I know they will search for that one. AMAZING (PS  we got one)

Thank you to Neal and Darryl for their tireless efforts in trying to make our safe sleepers lives better, for Harold Dale, Dorothy and others for getting it off the ground. This is a model program that will help people and be an example to others. So much gratitude to Keeley and her family and all of their volunteers for their shower visions and giving to our folks. Well done to all, I have tears and smiles. "