Proposed Programs

Ideas that need some leaders.  Maybe you have a special talent or superpower that you would like to bring to us.  Here are a few ideas needing someone to take the lead.  If you pick a project, it is a year commitment.  If you can't do it for one year, then you gotta find someone to pass it off too.  You must be reliable, resourceful, tolerant, passionate, kind, able to take the lead, and know when it needs to be brought back to the group for problem solving.


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Rolling around a concept to have homeless volunteers.  Sometimes being of service to others gets you out of your head.  Gives you some pride and worth.  Maybe we can give them some work experience, something to put on a resume.  If work ethics are an issue, then we show them how to do it.  If they need help looking for work or doing a resume, then we help.  In turn we give gas or food gift card as a bonus to them.  I would need someone to spear head this, and make it a reality.


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A page where we post homeless men and women job seeking.  Give a little info, a picture.


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Sometimes we don't have the skill or the knowledge to do something, write a resume, or interview skills, enrolling in school.  Or some days when your just having trouble traversing life and you need someone to cheer you on, be straight with you, tell you to snap out of it, or give you a hug.  When you have someone, even one person on your side, it can make a huge difference.


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For those that wish to participate, not a mandatory thing.  Take a before the shower and after the shower.  And have them write a little something about themselves.  How did they feel about the service.  That sort of thing.  We would need to have someone develop a tool and system to do this.  But it would be so cool for people to see what a little compassion can do.


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Great position for a social worker, but it maybe too much to do that all day, and then again as a volunteer.  So maybe a student nurse?  Like really help them find, apply, get to, actual resources.  Not just hand them a flyer and say go there.  Do they have enough money to buy gas to get there, are they disabled, sick, whatever.  Really tailor it to what people actually need, and help them get it.


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 We would really like all of the operations of The SoapBox to be seamless, such as self scheduling volunteers, calendar, requests for sites, digital  wavier.  Optimize SEO junk.  We would like it to be user friendly for all us out there that may be not as tech savvy.  Maybe even develop and app.  Of course, there is no money in it.  But lots of high fives and u be awesome.


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Collaborate with any other private health care organization, nursing schools, and sites to provide some basic services.  Hey maybe there is a dentist out there too.


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People that have been homeless and are succeeding, paring them up, show them the ropes.


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Bring some breakfast and coffee.  I don't mean doughnuts, like at least something healthyish.  You wanna organize and fundraise to support this, so our homeless pals can have that wonderful taste sensation of brushing teeth and drinking OJ. Tell your hipster friends to skip the latte and bring some for them.


Tan Sneaker

They don't have to be totally new.  But like people who wear a pair of shoes once and then they sit in the closet.  Something like tennis shoes, sturdy and supportive.  Store them, organize them, distribute them.


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This is completely privately funded. And we need to have a certain amount of money to maintain services, and hopefully grow. I would like to expand with shorts and pants too, gas cards, food cards.  Anyway How do we do that? How can I get the word out, how do we find private support and get donations.  Who can we partner with and make these connections.  How do we continue to generate an income.  We have up to 24 months to wait for a official 501 (c3)  so it precludes us from applying for grants for the time being.  You got an idea, or ideas, do it!


Acoustic Guitar

Would you like to facilitate music during the morning ablutions.  Guitar players, bands, kids that play music, singers.  Ya know really cute or good ones, that you would actually get out of your own jammies to go see.  Or even a dj.  But we would have to check at each site what they would let us do. Someone to play for them.  Just them and the volunteers that would be so awesome.


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One of the big challenges is finding locations that will allow us on the property with the parameters we need, IE, drainage of grey water, water source, and homeless people on their property, and under what circumstances.  We need someone tenacious, mindful of the vision- compassion, safety and inclusion.  Willing to beat on doors till someone answers.



Dad gave me a Fundraising idea. Have a fancy party.  We used to do fundraisers in a barn for Somis School.  Silent auction, food, maybe some sort of entertainment, maybe a comedian? (clean stuff). Can anyone make this happen?



We need someone to prepare for having kids.  In every way.  Collect, organize clothes, shoes, socks into gender and size.  Prepackage items for the event if we get kids.  Maybe get some back packs and school supplies too.


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Do you need a speaker to discuss homelessness at an event, or class?  Can we get some people that are homeless to actually do a discussion too.  That would be really cool too.  Have someone clean em up enough for a school to allow them to talk. Wow wouldn't that be great.