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What would you be doing?

There is a bunch of things you can do.  Drive the trailer, direct people using the shower to sign waivers, direct them to the shower and supplies, monitor for the health and safety of both the volunteers and the people using the shower. If you have a special talent or resource you would like to share, everything is welcome!  Teens are welcome with parental consent.


At minimum, we need one adult female and male shower volunteer and a trailer driver. Additional volunteers or super powers are welcome anytime!


Assist driver with set up and take down of the trailer, have waivers completed, directing people to the shower and use. Between people ensuring that the stall is clean between uses.  Restock supplies. But mostly we just want you to bring your awesomeness.

Shower Volunteer

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Can you expertly drive a trailer? Do you have a valid license and insurance? We need you! It would be great if you had some experience with RVs, water and drainage hook ups, too. We have grey water only at this time. Locations are limited to Ventura County for now. We have a vehicle to pull the trailer, but you are welcome to use your vehicle as long as you have current insurance. If this isn't you but you know someone else with driving talent, please send them our way!

Trailer Driver


Do you have something special to share?  Do you play guitar? Do you cut hair? Do you have a food truck? Are you a Dentist or a Doctor willing to donate some time to have a health event? I mean anything! Lets have some fun!

What's your superpower?